Multi-Purpose Pads and Chair Pads

Multi-Purpose Pads

These handy little pads can be used anywhere on your body; head, legs, back, feet or as a cushiony seat pad. It's great to use for a chest cold, stomach pains or back pains. The Multi-Purpose Pad covers a large area with a high-powered negative field. You will find yourself using this pad all the time. However don't be surprised to find your pet likes it too. Our cats and dogs use it every chance they get, so if you want to keep your Multi-Purpose Pad for yourself put it up and out of the way or buy the pets their own magnetic bed. The negative pole side has black fabric and the south pole side has gray fabric with a red Polar Power label; just like our Comfort covered magnets. It's easy to use, just place over or under the area you wish to treat.

Large Multi-Purpose Pad

(3950 gauss)
#MPPLRG - Shipping Weight: 10 lb. - Price: $146.50

Small Multi-Purpose Pad

(3950 gauss)
#MPPSM - Shipping Weight: 5 lb. - Price: $88.00

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Chair Cushions

This is a comfortable, cushiony and downright great high-powered chair cushion. The Chair Cushion gives you fast relief for those tired aching muscles. The cushion has 53 mini-block sized magnets and a removable, washable upholstery cover that comes in gray or tan. It fits in most office chairs or car seats; just where you need the most relief from aching muscles and joint pain. Many people report great relief from leg pain and back pain as well as the itch of Candida infections when they use the high-powered magnetic Chair Cushion.

Chair Cushion

(3950 gauss)
Shipping Weight: 11 lb. - Price: $324.50

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